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Public Housing Manager (PHM) Virtual Classroom
Interactive Zoom Meeting
March 15-24, 2022
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Early Bird Pricing closes on 2/22/22!

Note: Electronic copy of training manual included in pricing. Certification Exam and ethics training required for the NAHRO Certified Public Housing Manager (C-PHM) certification must be purchased separately.  To learn more about the NAHRO Certified Public Housing Manager (C-PHM) certification go to:

What our customers have to say:

·         I appreciated having the time to ask questions and work out different examples, that was very helpful. Also our instructor Darlene was very much experienced in this subject.

·         Even though it was 5 hours online, Darlene did a great job keeping us engaged and encouraging participation. I liked the break out groups as they gave you an opportunity to meet people from different parts of the industry, Board Members, Attorneys, brand new people, EDs etc.

·         Darlene kept me fully engaged, and allowing for class participation helped a lot. Darlene took extra time to go over things I when I was not ready to move on as well. Much appreciated!

What is the Schedule?

March 15 - 17 and 22 -24 from 1:00 - 5:00pm Eastern time.



In today's world of complex regulation, the PHM remains a valid credential demonstrating that an individual understands an overview of the basic principles of public housing management in the asset management environment. Topics include a wide spectrum from the history of public housing, ethics, and maintenance to administration of the process of public housing management, the roles and responsibilities of the public housing manager, the functions of occupancy, effective communication skills, key principles of public housing management, safety and security and market viability. Case study exercises bring the training to life!



By the completion of this course, you will be able to:

·         Discuss key elements of public housing management;

·         Learn how to better communicate with colleagues and residents

·         Review latest regulatory requirements


Who should attend?

All public housing staff who desire a comprehensive overview of public housing management. 

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